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Booking Terms

Security of your data is a very important commitment for us..
Agriturismo Villa Le Vigne NOT COLLECT IN ADVANCE any amount except for rooms sold in the offer “Prepaid / Not
Terms of Cancellation and No Show below provided are valid only for reservations made directly to Agriturismo Villa Le
Vigne. Any reservation made through Booking on Line portals or through intermediaries have different conditions on
which we cannot interfere.

Cancellation Policies:
It is possible to delete the reserved rooms, without penalty, up to 7 (Seven) days from the date of arrival included
excluded high season periods (June, July, August) during these months you have to cancel without penalty up to 15
(Fifteen)days from the date of arrival included . For cancellations after this deadline no penalty will apply if the rooms will
be rented to other customers, otherwise will be charged, on the credit card given as guarantee, the amount agreed for
the first night for each deleted room.
Rooms in Special Offer with Minimum Stay (stay with a minimum of nights required): cancellation of nights covered by
the minimum stay will result in a penalty equal to 50% of the price of each deleted night.
No Show (when Guest does not cancel and fails to appear at the hotel):
In case of No Show will be charged all the staying costs

The pre-authorization:
Agriturismo Villa Le Vigne reserves the right to check the validity of credit card, before the client arrival, requiring a preauthorization.
With pre-authorization hotel provides the temporary availability of the total amount of stay, or part
thereof, to make sure that the credit card is valid. NO AMOUNT IS CASHED. PRE-AUTHORIZATION EXPIRES
with negative result the customer will be notified and the reservation will be CANCELLED. In this case the
hotel will have no obligation to the customer.

If, for our error or supervening cause, we are unable to fulfill the terms of a confirmed and guaranteed reservation, it will
be our obligation to provide customers an alternative accommodation that meets the same quality and same price
agreed with us. The lack of acceptance by the customer of the alternative offered accommodation, frees Agriturismo Villa
Le Vigne from any obligation.

Only for Bad Customers
To guest who for misuse, negligence and carelessness causes harm to the structure, its equipment or objects in use, will
be charged the amount needed for repairs, replacements and cleaning of the case. For subtraction will proceed according
to law.
To Smokers we offer beautiful open spaces where enjoying the beloved cigarette, but who does not respect the
prohibition of smoking in the room – that always kindly invite to respect – will be charged an extra on the room rate, equal
to 75 % of the paid price as reimbursement for cleaning and room inaccessibility.