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La nostra storia di generazione in generazione

Tradition and modernity

Our story begins long ago. More than 80 years ago our grandfather Armando cultivated and vinified grapes from the farmers of the surrounding area. Our father, Primo, bought the land the estate presently occupies at the beginning of the 1970s and planted the first vineyard on one hectare. About 10 years ago our father bought another piece of land and planted new vines, increasing the size of our vineyard to nearly two hectares

A few years later our vineyards were awarded with Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin (DOCG) certification, within the DOCG area of the hills around Arezzo. In 2001, my brother and I assumed control of the commercial farm and made our first investment in the vineyards. We uprooted the old vines and replanted select varieties utilising new methodologies in order to obtain a quality product. In 2004, we produced “ilVisconte” and, in 2005, we introduced a second label, “CaposelvoliColliAretini DOCG”. The names of our wines have been taken from thorough research into the history of the local territory. In fact, Caposelvi was a castle in the Viscounty of Val d’Ambra, hence the name “ilVisconte”, whereas the second label was in fact the medieval name of the town, “Caposelvoli”. We also produce olive oil and different varieties of honey: wildflower, chestnut and acacia.

It has been our heartfelt desire to express our passion, not only through our commercial farm operations, but also in an attempt to raise awareness of our beautiful land through the hospitality we provide with the holiday farm. One of the peculiarities of Villa le Vigne is the general refined yet casual atmosphere of the place. Our secret lies in the direct contact we always seek to enjoy with our guests; we ourselves reside permanently on the holiday farm on account of the deep attachment we feel with this land. This passion and thorough knowledge of the surrounding territory often allow us to provide valuable assistance to our guests by giving them information about places to visit and the cultural and gastronomic experiences that this part of Tuscany has to offer.

We can say that our family tries to innovate and improve on traditions; never losing sight of the past, but always looking towards the future.

We have recently built our restaurant, in a French brasserie style, that offers a very typical Tuscan menu. For the first time in Valdarno, at our brasserie our guests can find a wide range of meats choice of high quality.